Memorial Day Four-Leaf Clover Hunt

This past weekend was Memorial day weekend, and like most families, we were busy.  We went from cookout to swimming pool, to party. And even had a backyard camping adventure!

While we were doing all of this, Meliya was up to her usual clover hunting.  Within two minutes of arriving at a cookout at a friends house, she had found her first four-leaf clover of the weekend. She ended up finding 4 more at the same house. The last one was the best though, a beautifully shaped five-leaf clover in perfect condition!

Holding a five-leaf clover.

Meliya holding her perfect five-leaf clover.

If five four-four leaf clovers and one five-leaf clovers wasn’t enough, she later found another four-leaf clover while on a walk in the woods. Six on one day isn’t a bad haul, especially since we didn’t even hit our usual “secret clover spots!

We don’t list clovers with more than four leaves on the website, but If you are interested in purchasing this five-leaf clover contact us here.

Spring Crop of Four-Leaf Clovers

newly grown four leaf clover

A tiny “baby” four-leaf clover in early spring

Spring is here and so is the new crop of clovers!

Now that we have been picking and growing clovers for several years, we are beginning to understand the way the winter and growing seasons effect the way four-leaf clovers grow.

Its not that four leaf clovers stop growing in the winter, they don’t. It more that everything slows down in the winter. New clovers come up all year long, but when the warm spring weather hits, the new clovers start popping up everywhere! With them, the highly-prized four-leaf clovers grow as well!



Hunting for four-leaf Clovers

Finding another 4 Leaf Clover

As this past winter wore on, our inventory of four leaf clovers ran low. Sadly, we had to turn off the shopping cart.

The good news is that once spring arrived we were able to seek out to our favorite clover patch, and stock up on the freshly grown four leaf clovers!

Here is a short video recap of how it went:

In case you couldn’t tell from the above clip, Meliya was able to find 15 four leaf clovers in just 10 minutes! We also went out and found more the next day, so I’m pleased to announce that the store is now open! You can purchase four-leaf clovers from us here.

How I Started this Four-Leaf Clover Website

Four leaf clovers in hands- Meliya

Meliya and a handful of four leaf clovers she just found

My name is Meliya. I am seven years old, and this is my website. I found my very first four leaf clover on my fourth birthday. I was at my grandparent’s house for my birthday party. We were getting ready for the party to start and I was playing in their backyard and I started looking for four leaf clovers, and I found one. Everyone said it was very lucky to find a four leaf clover on my fourth birthday, and they may just be right because since then finding four leaf clovers seems to be easy to me. Sometimes I’ll just be walking or playing and look down and see a four leaf clover. This year I have found over 60 four leaf clovers. I have also found five and six leaf clovers, and I even found a seven leaf clover! Everyone said that was VERY lucky!

Seven leaf clover

A actual seven leaf clover that Meliya found

After finding so many lucky clovers I found this past month, my dad got the idea of a four leaf clover website to sell some of my clovers. I liked the idea and now we have this website.
I hope some of my luck will be transferred to you when you get your clover in the mail.

Click here to order a lucky four leaf clover now.